Saturday, May 31, 2008


My name is Jamie Childs. I'm a junior at UNH and a Social Work major. No, not the kind that takes babies away from their parents. I live in Connecticut, so I'm rather far away from all of you fine people :( But, thanks to the miracle of the internet, I can still read this book with y'all!
Hey Everyone! My name is Alexx and I am going to be a junior at UNH in the fall. I am majoring in Social Work and have a Women's Studies minor. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do after college - I would love to get my Masters in Social Work and eventually work in a high school, but we will see where life takes me. This summer, I'm living in an apartment in Durham, which three of my girlfriends will move into with me once school starts in the fall. I'm working at the Olive Garden in Newington and I have an internship at a women's health center in Greenland, NH. I'm really excited to read this book with all of you!

Friday, May 30, 2008



My name is Allie Hadwen. I am going to be a junior at UNH and will be graduating with a degree in Communication with a double minor in music and musical theater. This summer I am living at school trying to balance 3 jobs and reading this very intimidating book... :-)

I'm very excited to read this with everyone! It's definitely going to help me understand the book and get more out of it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Hi all!

I'm Craig. I just graduated from UNH with a degree in Civil Engineering. For the next 9 weeks or so I'm living with my parents in Deerfield, NH. After that, I'm moving to Blacksburg Virginia to work on a master's degree in Geotechnical Engineering at Virginia Tech. In the weeks that I have left in NH I'll be framing a post and beam barn or two the old fashioned way.

A Serious Introduction

As the title of this post indicates, I wish to offer a serious introduction for those of you who do not know me and have been prejudiced by my egregious error in spelling "begin" incorrectly while mocking Ben. My name is Brad, and I'm a 24-year old high school history teacher in Winston-Salem. I knew Ben in undergraduate and have been to the University of New Hampshire to visit him since his departure from the southeast (I may have met some of you in April). I'm currently seven days away from completing the school year, and am very excited about the prospect of moving on to something new for a while. I'm also honored to be involved in your summer reading project.

As to what the cross means to me, I've been on a journey to find out for the last few years. At one point I thought that the cross existed essentially as a prop for a philosophical position I found satisfying--the ONLY philosophical position that is satisfying, at that. Now, however, I see it as the often inconvenient glue that holds together an otherwise insignificant life. The cross is at the center of all of my relationships and the tasks which are set before me. This is, of course, easy to say and very difficult to actually live. Nevertheless, it is reality.

All of this sounds very pompous and "Christian." I assure you, however, that my life is rapidly becoming divorced from this kind of religious rubbish, even if my writing is not. One way or the other, this is more than enough for an introduction. Glad to be aboard...

Introducing Kelsey J

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey (sometimes called Kelsey J). I am 20 years years and I'm a junior at the University of New Hampshire, currently majoring in Family Studies. God has taken me on quite the roller coaster with life plans so as for what I want to do, I'm not exactly sure. I do love working with children so I know I want to continue working with children. Now thats its the summer time, I'm spending working summer as a substitute teacher (today I subbed for phys. ed. at an elementary school), working as the Arts & Crafts Director at a summer camp, volunteering in a Rehab Hospital, and taking a summer course. Plus socializing & reading books:) If anyone is looking for a good summer read, I recommend Pride & Prejudice. BTW Ben, hows that coming? Right now, I'm reading Little Women (yay).

I'm excited to read this books and see everyones responses to it. This is going to be quite exciting!!

Alright, I guess I'll go first with the introductions :) My name is Theresa, I am 20 years old, and have just finished my sophomore year at UNH. I am a Psychology major, hoping to work as either a school psychologist or guidance counselor once I finish school. I now live in Durham, NH, but am originally from Candia, NH. I have 1 younger brother (he's 18, and just about the coolest brother ever). In the interest of being ridiculously tacky, I actually do enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets :)

The Green Flag

A little cultural indoctrination for you non-Southerners: at the outset of every NASCAR race, they wave the green flag to signal the start of the race. And so here we raise and wave our metaphorical green flag!

On one practical note, I added every one of you as authors to this blog, so you should be able to sign in to it and post as I did and am doing right now. If that is difficult or confusing, you can also offer thoughts simply by clicking on "Comments" below any post and contributing thoughts there. Let me know if you have questions.

Week 1 (May 30 - June 6): Read through Part 1, ending on page 86.

To start, I think it could be helpful for some of us to introduce ourselves here at the outset. My dear friend from college, Mr. Brad Phillis, has already done so in a very uncerimonious manner as a comment of my first post (you can check it out under "Comments" from the first post). As you find time, please toss out your name, where you live, and your current life status - college/major, job, etc. You may also add anything else about yourself you would like to share.

Starter Question for the Week: What has the cross meant to you on your life's spiritual journey so far? What role does/has it played? Why is it important or not important to you?

The green flag is waived. Feel free to toss out questions, answers, and thoughts as you beging to read!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Welcome to UNH InterVarsity's Cross of Christ blog book discussion! We'll be reading approximately 85 pages a week for the month of June in order to complete the book within the month - though feel free to read ahead if you find it irresistable! There are 17 of us reading the book, mostly students from UNH, but a couple of my friends and even my parents are in on the read. As I've told most of you, I found this book incredibly formational for me, theologically teaching me more about what Christ did on the cross while also relationally drawing me closer to the living person of Christ. My prayer is that it will do something similar for all of you.

I've set up this blog as a place for us to post questions about things that you read, thoughtful responses you might have, or anything else related to your reading (or your life really) for which you would like an outlet and/or a community of people. It is certainly not required to post anything, but I do hope you will take advantage of the people who will be traveling on the same literary journey as you by asking questions and offering thoughts. For my part, I will try to post a question or two at the beginning of each week to give you a jumping off point, but I don't plan to "lead" anything per se, hoping that you all will pepper each other with thoughts and questions.

Perhaps above all, I hope this blog will serve to keep us all accountible in our reading, as 350 pages can often be overwhelming.

Happy reading and hope to hear from you all soon!