Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hey cool peoples

Hello everyone! I'm Bethany, and I am wicked excited to be looking at this book and asking questions about God and life in general with all you guys... should be a really good time! I'm studying psychology at UNH (no, I promise I will not analyze everything you guys say here) and currently getting ready to move up to a camp in Maine where I am going to work for the summer. Future plans are to travel the world next semester, and other than that all I am up to is generally causing mischief, laughing and find people to play frisbee with *grin*

My thoughts on the cross are still forming, and I am looking forward to be challenged by this book and the stuff we talk about. I know lots of sunday school answers and have cross necklaces and whatever, but honestly the cross itself is not something I think about every day. Mostly I think it has remained simply a symbol or reminder of what Jesus has done for me, or at worst it is just something that makes a nice picture or stylish jewelry. Annnddd thats about it, I am excited about talking with all you guys about this and seeing where God shows up :-D

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