Monday, June 2, 2008


Alright...I know this is a book discussion blog but I am breaking the rules. THE CELTICS ARE GOING TO THE FINALS!!! Who's watching the game on Thursday? This is big for old school Boston fans:)


Ben said...

I'm moving into a house with 3 roomates for next year. One of them is buying a big screen HD tv. When?


Our house currently doesn't have cable. Comcast is coming to put it in. When?


I'm working 3 nights this week - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. What night am I not working?


Brad Phillis said...

Who cares about basketball...the Cubs have the best record in baseball for the first time since 1908! I'm set to celebrate...

Ben said...

This we know for sure:

The Cubs will not have the best record in baseball come October. Don't believe me? Grab a history book.

Though for the sake of my fantasy baseball team, Hampshire's Heroes, it wouldn't bother me one bit if Soriano kept crushing.