Thursday, June 5, 2008

Significance in the Lord's Supper

Pages 69 through 74 have really provided me with some new insight into Jesus' last supper and its significance. A quote from page 71 reads "The Lord's Supper, which was instituted by Jesus, and which is the only regular commemorative act authorized by him, dramatizes neither his birth , neither his words nor his works, but only his death. Nothing could indicate more clearly the central significance of that Jesus attached to his death. It was by his death that he wished above all else to be remembered. There is then, it is safe to say, no Christianity without the cross. If the cross is not central to our religion, ours is not the religion of Jesus."

I have never really considered before that the Lord's Supper really is the only commemorative Jesus gives for us to participate in for his life. Not only that, but it's remarkable that the ONLY thing it reminds us of is his death. Jesus did tons of amazing and great things by teaching and performing miracles in his life, but the one thing that really mattered was dying for the world.

Stott points out on page 73 in reference to Christ's death, "First, it was central to his own thinking about himself and his mission, and he desired it to be central to ours. Second, it took place in order to establish the new covenant and procure its promised forgiveness. Third, it needs to be appropriated individually (the covenant and the forgiveness) if its benefits are to be enjoyed." I find it convicting to think about the centrality of Christ's death to his mission when I look at my walk of faith. I find it scary how easy it is for me to be complacent with the knowledge of Christ's death. I'm humbled and convicted because this isn't how he wants me, or us to be about it. Rather, he wants the world to know the significance of his death and why it's so important!

As final note, I find it very cool that Jesus was dying at the time that passover lambs were to be sacrificed (pg. 74). The symbolism and relationship between the passover lamb and Jesus dying sacrificially really illustrates the way the entire situation and timing were God ordained.

Other thoughts?

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