Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spicing it Up

Hello!! How is everyone doing?

I know that this is a book discussion but I am switching gears a little bit. I know people are probably super busy and I will be honest: I have not put as much time in the book as I would have liked to. I'll be on a 5-6 hr car ride tomorrow & Sunday so there should be some reading time.

This summer, I've found myself understanding more about Jesus when I reflect on different experiences I have. My desire to talk about Jesus with others has grown tremendously. At the rehab. hospital I volunteer at, the majority of the patients are senior citizens. Many are nervous about death and worried about time. I have yet to experience this but I think as people grow older, they begin to wonder, "What is going to happen to me?" I thank God I will never experience this but please pray for the people who do. Being with these people has helped me gain a better understanding as to why it is good to be open about Jesus with people you don't know that well.

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer. I am sorry to switch gears, but I wanted to inform everyone on how God is working in my life. Also, please pray for the summer camp I will be working at. I'm hired as one of the directors which is exciting, except I need prayer with this job. At camp, I tend to be someone who avoids conflict, confrontation, and if someone walks over me, I just take it. My boss had a conversation with me and the main director, informing me that I need to be more vocal about my needs and not to let lower-staff walk all over me. I also tend to worry about different things (I'm now worried about being able to effectively prepare everything, being less scatter-brained, and just doing a great job in general). Please pray for my confidence, ability to initiate/step up, organization skills, and just that I will do a great job. I care a lot about my campers, the counselors, and the other directors. God enriches my life so much from working here.

Thank you!

In Him,

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