Sunday, June 1, 2008

Young at heart

Hello from Ben's Mom, Evie
Wow, I used to be a Junior in College...Ben's Dad and I are both UNC-CH grads many years ago. He is originally from North Carolina and I am a Navy brat raised mostly in Rhode Island. I am excited about being a part of such an inspirational group. I have just returned from Boston after delivering Ben's sister Anna to the Middleboro KOA and am already behind on my reading! Thoughts on the Cross....I wear a gold cross that was a gift given to me around the time my Dad passed away. To me it has been a symbol of the faith I found after he was gone. Then Michael W Smith wrote the song, Cross of Gold, and I wondered if I was wearing it for the right reason. Maybe I'll learn something about that this month. Ben's Dad is Bill. He'll be posting under my name as he can't access the blog from work and is 'challenged' on the computer here at home. That's it for now - off to read.

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